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About me

Hi there!  Thanks for checking out my page!  I'll try to make this quick because if you're like me, your attention will only last a few short paragraph lengths of reading...

I'm a Jersey girl, beach lover, city lover and nature lover (except for the bugs and mosquitoes of course).  You may be wondering what that leaves, but I'm not a space lover.  No desire to go up there, but I do like looking at the stars.

I bought my first camera in the summer of 2017: Nikon 5500.  To be honest, I'm still learning how to use it, but my favorite settings are auto and no flash; however, I'm quite surprised by how nice some of my photos have turned out by just toggling between the two (yay Nikon for making it easy for beginners like me!)

I hope you enjoy my photos, and if you're looking for me to snap a few for you or a friend, please message me! 

Disclaimer: I will not make you say "cheese" because I'll just get way too excited that there is actually cheese nearby.  #cheese #enthusiast



Let's talk together

Please fill out the below form with your contact information and I will respond within 24 hours.  Look forward to chatting! 


"The most beautiful souvenir is perspective"


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